Semi-corded lamp with RGB blinker on battery pack

Caplamp Battery pack with RGB blinker and mounted on the back of the hard hat* Emergency buttons to request assistance and notify the surface* Excellent weight balance on helmet* ...

Battery Cable Mounted Safety Blinker

* For added visibility when working heads down* Permanently attached to the battery cable* 100 % worker coverage* Minimal current draw on battery* Blinker turn ON when light ON* R ...

Feedback from South Africa customer about BRANDO products

I have been to the Brando company and have to comment on the professional and kind nature of Jason, the manager. He is an exceptional person who runs a great company. Ms Chen has ...

Added a USB charger method for KL5LM as customer request

KL5LM corded cap lamp is a conventional lamp with conventional charger method - Single charger.In this year, a customer request BRANDO to do a update version on KL5LM cap lamp - A ...

BRANDO Facility Moves to New Building

BRANDO facility moves to new building at Floor 2, Xinyi Logistics Building, Shabeili Village,Long Gang District,Shen Zhen City,ChinaThe decision to move was made due to the rapidl ...

Underground mining (hard rock)

Underground hard rock mining refers to various underground mining techniques used to excavate hard minerals, usually those containing metals, such as ore containing gold, silver, ...


A cap lamp is a lamp worn on the head or helmet. It is mostly used in an underground environment, like mines or during outdoor activitiesA Cap Lamp is a vital piece of Personal Pr ...

BRANDO Modular Design Charger Rack

Modular Design Charger Rack. a Modular with 8 units, each Modular can be detachable. It can be separate the double side rack to 2 single side rack to save space. and fix on the wa ...

Explosion-proof Flexible LED Strip Lights

Features and performace for BRADNO BO-SL01 LED Strip Lighta. Reduced Risk of ElectrocutionA low voltage supply of 24Volts DC reduces the risk of electrocution considerably.b. Fast ...

BRANDO provide worker PPE, Personal Protection Equipment and Safety for Miners

Mining, Especially underground mining is a dangerous and hazardous job, Conditions can vary from dry hot and dusty to cold, wet and muddy.Worker PPE, personal protection equipment ...

Keep Your Employee Safe with BRANDO - Cap Lamp

Coal miners were frequently at danger from explosive mixtures of methane gas in the atmosphere of the mine. Its very important to provide adequate and safe light to enable miners ...

CE for KL1000 Safety Helmet Cap Lamp

BRANDO Safety Helmet Cap Lamp KL1000 with CE Approval

CE Certificates of BRANDO KL6-C Cordless Cap Lamp

BRANDO Cordless Cap Lamp KL6-C, KL2.6LM, KL4.5LM with CE Certificates

BRANDO Corded Cap Lamp Certificates

KL5LM, KL5LM-C, KL7LM, KL8LM, KL11LM, KL12LM, KL6M, KL6MS with CE Certificates


1, Perform daily maintenance on the equipment, maintenance, adjustment, cleaning, checking and debugging2, Operation under high pressure3, The operation that needs to temporaily t ...

Why need lockout/tagout?

• Provides safety when completing maintenance, cleaning or carrying out repairs• Prevention of injuries• Prevention of damage• Generally helps the evasion of errors• It is a usefu ...

What is lockout/tagout?

A, Lockout is a method of keeping equipment from being set in motion and endangering workers.A, A Disconnect switch, circuit breaker, valve or other energy isolation mechanism is ...

FCC Certificates of BRANDO Charger Rack

BRANDO Charger Rack BO-CR-30 Passed FCC certification, Charger Rack Used for Semi-corded, Corded and Cordless Cap Lamp.

New 30 Unit Charger Rack

BO-CR-30 charger rack is special used for Semi-corded, corded, cordless (model: KL6M, KL6MS, KL6M-C)

Semi-corded Miner Cap Lamp with Tracking (Customized)

8000lux6.2Ah Li-ion BatteryMore than 15hrs Working timeLess than 5hrs charging timeTracking of locationEmergency assistance requestEmergency stop signal to vehicles in rangeProxim ...

Corded cap lamp with Blinker (Customized)

8000lux9.3Ah Li-ion BatteryMore than 18hrs Working timeLess than 6hrs charging timeTracking of locationEmergency assistance requestEmergency stop signal to vehicles in rangeProxim ...

Discount Season is comming .

Good News !!In order to celebrate the Football World Cup, worldwide . Our company are going to give some discount for all customers . If you have orders about our products . pleas ...

To scan our D Bar Code

Welcome to Care about us ! If you want to know more or newest information from us , please kindly scan us by your phone with the Bar Code . D bar code made our life more colorful ...

KL5L2M anti-explosive 15000lux mining cap lamp, Miner's cap lamp

Introduction: KL5L2M cord miner cap lamp use 1pcs 3W Cree led as main light,2pcs SMD leds as the auxiliary lights,and designed with high capacity 6.6Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery ...

BO-K51/ BO-K52/ BO-K53 Eight-hole Lockout Hasp

Product Description1. Material: Aluminum with anti oxidation coating. 2. Size: a) Lock hole: 9mm diameter b) Jaw Diameter: 62mm 3. Colors: Red(BO-K51), Yellow(BO-K52), Blue(BO-K53 ...

KL6LM 50000lux brightness safety lamp/Hunting lamps

This high power safety anti-explosive lamp is our newest design and Got great feedback from Carton Fair in 2011. It's the brightest lamp in the world. Model: KL6LM Light Source 1p ...

KL5.5LM Explosion proof 13000Lx headlamps, miner's cap lamp

This Helmet caplamp is our design base on KL4.5LM and KL2.5LM, It's more than 10000lx high power with 5.6A li-ion battery . Model: KL5.5LM Light Source 1pcs 3W white high power CR ...

KL7LM B 11000lx newest safety mining lamps/hunting lamps

KL7LM B cord miner cap lamp has same function as KL5LM B but different housing. It has enough space to install receiver to make miner & machine safety enough.Model: KL7LM B Light ...