Explosion-proof Flexible LED Strip Lights

Features and performace for BRADNO BO-SL01 LED Strip Light
a. Reduced Risk of Electrocution
A low voltage supply of 24Volts DC reduces the risk of electrocution considerably.
b. Fast and safe Repairs
Repairs can be carried out safely and quickly under live conditions.
c. Safe working environment
HALO illuminates potential dangers by providing a complete flood of light from floor to ceiling. This can substantially boost the morale and efficiency of workers.
d. Constant luminescence reduces incidents
The consistent flood of lighting eliminates spots and reduces threats of glare and blinding, preventing possible incidents.
e. Indestructible hardware
Outer shell is 100% waterproof, flame retardant, impact and shock resistant. Virtually indestructible and maintains total functionality in close proximity to explosions.
f. Preferred above LED globes
Intelligent power controllers with built in overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating propertiesprotects against voltage fluctuations,
g. Increased tensile strength
Compatible with harsh mining conditions and possibility of manhandling