BO-K51/ BO-K52/ BO-K53 Eight-hole Lockout Hasp

Product Description
1. Material: Aluminum with anti oxidation coating.
2. Size:
a) Lock hole: 9mm diameter
b) Jaw Diameter: 62mm
3. Colors: Red(BO-K51), Yellow(BO-K52), Blue(BO-K53), all colors are available.
4. Features:
a) OEM manufacturing service supported b) Permanent "DO NOT OPERATE" labels accept pens, pencils and permanent markers, repeated uses allowed.
5. Related lockout hasps:
Six-hole steel clasp locks, Steel belt clamp mouth clasp locks, Sparkproof aluminum clasp locks, Butterfly lockout hasps, Non-conductive lockout hasps, Universal lockout hasps, Lockout tags,etc.

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