BRANDO flexible circuit board LED Red Tape LIght in Tunnel

BRANDO flexible circuit board LED Red Tape LIght in Tunnel

Model No.︰BO-SL72-36V(R)

Brand Name︰BRANDO

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

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Hazardous Location Anti-explosion LED Strip Lights, cuttable led strip light



Part Number BO-SL72-36V(A) Red
LED Chip Epistar
LED configuration 72 LED's spaced evenly over a metre length
Range fed from both sides 20 metres
Recommended fixing height 5 - 6 Metres
IP Rating 68
Power Consumption per LED 0.16 Watts
Power Consumption per Metre 12 Watts
Colour Rendering Index CRI > 80
Colour temperature 6500 Kelvin
Luminous Efficacy 80 Lumens / Watt
Voltage on lighting VDC 36 VDC
Supply voltage for power controllers VAC 85 - 265 VAC
Light maintenance 15%-20% Drop over 4 years
Lifespan 5 Years 
Warranty Lighting 2 Years
Outer covering Food grade silicone
Dimensions 10000mm(length) *20mm(width) *10mm(height)
Tensile strength +-30KG
Operating temperature -40℃ to 120℃
Protection Short Circuit 
Over Voltage 
Over temperature 
Over Current



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LED strip light features


1. Flexible, can be bent into any shape

2. High quality products, Europoean and US standard

3. 2835 or 5050 SMD LED adopted,high brightness ,stable performance.

4. long lifetime,5% attenuation after 2500 hours,life time is 80000-100000 hours

5. Energy saving and environmental friendly.

6. 5m/rell is the standard package,but the size can be customized

7. Various of LED density optional, e.g.30LEDs/M,60LEDs/M,140LEDs/M. etc.

8. Each unit of 3LEDs can be cut out at regular segments.

9. 3M adhensive attached on the back of PCB,for stick installation.

10. White, warm white,red,green,blue and yellow color and RGB available.

11, It was deisgned to be energized 365 days a year, 24 hours a day





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 The strip light use super toughening silica gel soft overmolding process, the outlet end with a mould injection waterproof connector, waterproof power power supply, effectively enhance the waterproof performance of products, LED strip light outsourcing silicone elastomer with good flame retardancy, and has a certain impact resistant, High brightness with long working time. this strip light is used for dust, humidity, rain, tremors, compressive environment and under the environment of corrosive gas lighting.


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BRANDO strip light IES


Application of LED Strip Light

This flexible LED light strip is great for underground mining lighting, cabinet lighting, under-cabinet lighting, toe-kick lighting, cove lighting, task lighting, bookshelf lighting, showcase lighting, cupboard lighting, bias lighting, or for other indoor applications where space is limited.

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Features and performace for BRADNO BO-SL01 LED Strip Light


a. Reduced Risk of Electrocution
A low voltage supply of 24Volts DC reduces the risk of electrocution considerably.


b. Fast and safe Repairs
Repairs can be carried out safely and quickly under live conditions.


c. Safe working environment
HALO illuminates potential dangers by providing a complete flood of light from floor to ceiling.

This can substantially boost the morale and efficiency of workers.


d. Constant luminescence reduces incidents
The consistent flood of lighting eliminates spots and reduces threats of glare and blinding,

preventing possible incidents.


e. Indestructible hardware
Outer shell is 100% waterproof, flame retardant, impact and shock resistant. Virtually indestructible

and maintains total functionality in close proximity to explosions.


f. Preferred above LED globes
Intelligent power controllers with built in overcurrent, overvoltage and overheating properties

protects against voltage fluctuations,


g. Increased tensile strength
Compatible with harsh mining conditions and possibility of manhandling.




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Potential Benefits of Using BRADNO LED Strip Light

Safe working environment -

Improved visibility is critical in maintaining a safe working environment underground, with poor lighting cited as a contributing factor in many underground accidents

The Strip Lights illuminates potential dangers by providing a complete flood of light from floor to ceiling, as opposed to any globe configuration where these spaced lights can blow or get damaged. This can substantially boost the efficiency of workers.


Fast and safe repairs -

Repairs can be carried out safely and quickly under live conditions, by only replacing the section that failed. The ingenious ring feed design, guarantees perfectly functioning lighting even when severed, further reducing the need for repairs.


Easier installation -

LED Strip Lights are much lighter weight to carry and work with compared to conventional lighting. A Female individual can easily carry up to 100 meters or more and can install or maintain sections singlehandedly.


Less downtime -

Strip Ligts do not typically fail catastrophically, as is usually the case with fluorescent lighting, but rather the light output generally decreases over time. This allows for a regular maintenance schedule and replacement prior to failure, maintaining consistency of lighting and improving safety underground.


Financial Benefit -

Low maintenance in direct contrast to short lifespan and high cost of conventional lighting systems due to the continuous need for replacement of components.


Energy – Efficient -

LED lights use significantly less electricity and result in immediate and ongoing savings in running costs when compared to conventional lighting solutions such as incadescent globes or neon tubes



What colours are available?

All colours and colour temperatures are available.


What lengths are available?

Any length from 1 meter to a maximum of 100 meters can be manufactured according to clients need.


How do I connect the light?

Power can be taken from any existing source within the voltage range and the light strip can be directly connected to that with a simple two wire connection.


Can the lighting and connectors be submerged underwater?

Yes, the lighting and connectors are 100% waterproof.


Can the lighting be relocated and re-used?



If the lighting is installed on machinery does vibrations affect the lighting?

No, the lighting is 100% extruded in silicone and is not affected by vibrations.


How are repairs carried out if lighting is damaged?

The affected segment can easily be replaced by another replacement segment, however due to the low profile of only 4mm it is very unlikely that the lighting will be damaged, to date no cases have been recorded.


Is the lighting toxic and requiring special handling for disposal?

No, the lighting is not toxic and requires no special handling


Is the lighting toxic when burned?

No, the lighting is not toxic when burned, it is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.


Are connectors supplied separate and installed on site?

No, the connectors are moulded directly onto the strip light at factory for waterproofing and strength.


Is the lighting resistant to corrosive materials?

Yes, because of the silicone extrusion, the lighting is impervious to most corrosive materials as silicone generally is.

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