BO-GL11 Long Shackle 76mm Nylon Padlocks

BO-GL11 Long Shackle 76mm Nylon Padlocks

Model No.︰BO-GL11

Brand Name︰Brando

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pc

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Xenoy Safety Lockout padlock . Steel & short shackle padlocks , 

a. Durable .lightweight with non-conductive Xenoy lock bodies

b. High security 10 pin cylinder lock, upto 100,000 different locking mechanisms

c. Key retaining feature ensures the padlocks are not left unlocked.

d. All different colors available.

e. Standard labels on front and back .

f. Can be engraved with customers' logo .


1. Material: rugged reinforced nylon
2. Widely used in chemical, electrical, automobile industry, etc.
3. superior temperature, chemical and corrosion resistance
4. With rewritable warning signs
5. Key Retaining Feature (When the shackle is open, the key can not be removed)
6. Laser printing and logo engraving available if required.
7. Shackle Length: 76mm 
8.We have ABCD plastic Body  , Type D is most popular recently . 


Related Padlocks in differnt Material, Size as following : 

BO-G01 Short shackle steel padlock ( 8 colors 38mm )

BO-G05 Dust-proof Steel Shackle Padlock (8 colors, 38mm)

BO-G11 Short shackle Nylon padlock(8 colors 38mm )

BO-G15 Dust-proof shackle Nylon Padlock (8 color, 38mm)

BO-GL11 Long Shackle Nylon Padlock (8 colors, 76mm)

BO-G21 Long shackle steel padlock ( 8 colors 76mm )

BO-G31/G32/G33 Steel shackle stainless steel padlock (8 colors , differ size )

BO-G41 Steel short shackle padlocks ( 8 colors 25mm)

BO-G51/G52 Waterproof Laminated Padlock ( Colorful  40mm)

BO-G53/ G54 Waterproof Laminated Padlocks (Colorful , 50mm) 

BO-G61/G62 Aluminum Padlock (8 colors )


We provide Unique key charting system for our safety padlock                      

a,Keyed Differ System (KD): Each padlock is keyed differently, supplied with 2 keys per lock. 20000 pcs individual padlocks available .              

b, Keyed Alike System (KA): Each padlock is keyed the same. 1 key will open all padlocks in each group.                        

c, Differ & Master  Key System (MK): Each padlock is keyed differently, supplied with 2 keys per lock. A master key will override and open any of these padlocks.                                                                                      

d, Alike & Master Key System (KAMK): Each padlock is keyed the same in one group. A master key will override and open all groups of Alike keyed.


Our factory are in this line over 6years and produce for ABUS in Germany which supply for MASTER , BRADY in USA ,And also export million dollars each year to India market . We supply worldwide for hundred kinds of lockout tagout ,

Welcome to inquire about safety lockout with more details with price .


Tips :

1.  If you couldn’t find the exact product you want, never mind, just contact us and tell your requirements, we will arrange the moulds and manufacture for you. 
2.  No minimum order quantity required 
3.  Many products are available from stock with the next several days. 
4.  If required, goods can be collected from our factory directly to your customers. 
5.  We also support OEM manufacturing, with any given order quantity.


Payment Terms︰ T/T, L/C, Western Union

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